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  • British Double Lanyard (BSDL)
    This Mendota lanyard is made with the finest snap available and durable nylon that still feels soft around your neck. It is made from a solid braid multi-filament UV coated polypropylene cord with leather sleeves, an adjustable leather slide, and two matte-black security clasps.

    Available colors: Camo, Green and Orange.
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    $14.99 CDN
  • Fox 40 Whistle (F40)

    The Fox 40 Classic whistle was designed to be heard over any type of background noise, including high wind, which makes it perfect for hunting with pointing dogs in the upland field. Designed by an Olympic basketball referee to prevent missed calls due to whistle malfunction, typically caused by a stuck pea. The Fox 40 Classic’s pealess design never fails; it is so reliable that it is now the official whistle of Olympic sporting events, the NFL and the NBA.

    The unique air baffles create a high pitch that actually functions like a harmonically-tuned instrument, as it sounds 3 different frequencies in a piercing vibrato. The harder you blow, the louder it sounds up to 115 decibels. The whistle is constructed as a one-piece molded injection with no gluing involved for even greater durability. Available in orange or black.

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    $11.99 CDN
  • Gonia Mega Whistle
    The Roy Gonia Orange Mega Pealess Clear Competition Whistle has been the standard in retriever training for the past 30 years. Made especially for those long blind retrieves in the United Kennel Club Hunting Retriever Club Tests (UKC/HRC), calling your dog in from big running horseback field trials with American Field (AF) or the American Kennel Club (AKC). Also useful for wild bird hunting in big country.

    The whistle is high-pitched with a penetrating tone that is amplified by the megaphone. Although the whistle is very loud, the megaphone directs the sound away from you and towards the dog. The pealess feature eliminates the cold weather freezing and sticking that happens in whistles with peas. Constructed with high density blaze orange plastic.
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    $12.99 CDN
  • SportDOG Gonia Special Whistle (GSO)
    The Original Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle with Pea from SportDOG has been used to train more Field Champions than any other whistle on the market.  The whistle is constructed from injection-molded high impact blaze orange plastic, then the remaining parts are assembled by hand.  This attention to detail produces a whistle perfect for hunting dog training by amateurs or professionals alike.  Its low-pitched tone with pea trill carries further, making it perfect for wild bird hunts, hunt tests and field trials.
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    $9.99 CDN
  • Storm Whistle (SW)
    Twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle in the world. Specify Orange or Black.
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    $14.99 CDN
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