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  • BiologicVet Digest

    Foundation for Intestinal Health in Dogs & Cats

    Gas. Bloating. Bad breath. Diarrhea. Constipation. BioDIGEST® helps tackle the root cause of these problems by acting as a foundation for intestinal health. BioDIGEST® is a plant based probiotic and prebiotic, digestive and immune system support formula in a lignan-rich base. BioDIGEST® helps maintain proper gut pH, intestinal health and flora in the digestive tract. Most human probiotic strains are not acid resistant enough to survive the digestive tract of cats and dogs so using a clinically proven, acid resistant strain like BioDIGEST®’s Pediococcus acidilactici is essential to get the benefits and results pets need.

    Does not contain any artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.

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  • EMT Gel (EMTGel)

    EMT® Gel

    First Aid Kit in a Tube. Seals and protects wounds while reducing bleeding. Supports the healing process while forming a protective barrier over the wound site. Formulated with collagen, the same material your pet’s skin makes to heal injuries naturally. EMT Gel deoderises wounds so there isn't the pungent odor. The gel is easy to apply and can be applied on the spot. Great for minor cuts and wounds.

    • Great for minor cuts and wounds
    • Deodorizes wounds
    • Forms a protective barrier over the wound site
    • Reduces bleeding
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  • EMT Spray (EMTSpray)

    EMT® Spray, the newest addition to the EMT® Gel line of products is an easily applied, non-stinging spray with Bitrex, an extremely bitter substance, that produces rapid healing while discouraging biting and licking of wounds.

    EMT® Spray contains the same collagen as EMT® Gel and is effective for many types of wounds and skin problems including: hot spots, first and second degree burns, foot pad injuries, cuts, abrasions and flesh tears.

    EMT Spray® can be used on any animal and the collagen is natural to the body.

    Patented hydrolysate of collagen provides fast healing of all types of wounds.

    Pump sprayer allows for clean and convenient application.

    Contains Bitrex, an extremely bitter substance, to deter licking and biting of wound.

    Great for "hot spots", scrapes, burns and large wound areas delicate to the touch.

    Does not sting or burn.

    Helps reduce bleeding, pain and itching - protects wound.

    Collagen formula provides the scaffolding for new cell growth and helps prevent scarring.

    A must for the home and field first aid kit.

    Safe for all animals.

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  • LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest

    The LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest is built to protect your dog from harsh brush in the upland field, while increasing his visibility for safety. It has blaze orange rip-stop nylon fabric from the dog’s shoulder to the loin with reflective strips. The nylon is constructed with elastic stretch gussets on both sides to allow freedom of movement while keeping a close fit. Nylon adjustable straps across the back create an easy-to-size vest and the quick-clips make putting it on or taking it off a snap. The black 600 denier Cordura nylon brush guard is made to stop difficult undergrowth and briars by covering the entire chest and brisket. One of the least expensive, yet toughest constructed upland dog vests on the market, backed by 30 years of LCS field testing.

    Available in sizes small, medium, and large.
    Small fits dogs 30-45 lbs.
    Medium fits dogs 45-65 lbs.
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  • Musher Secret
    Musher's Secret is a dense, barrier wax
    that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. 
    Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs,
    it provides tenacious protection 
    even in the most extreme conditions. 

    Safe and Natural
    Made from a blend of several food-grade
    waxes, then refined according
    to our our own special formulations,
    Musher's Secret is the safe, non-toxic
    way to protect your dog's paws.  
    The semi-permeable shield is absorbed
    into the paws, allowing perspiration
    to escape through the toes.

    Made from 100% natural waxes and easy to apply!
    Spread a light coating of Musher's Secret on the pads and rub in. Mushers will absorb in minutes (rub a little on your hands, when it is absorbed you will know it is absorbed into the pads as well). We use an old rug near the door for application purposes. In very harsh cold or snowy conditions be sure to rub up in between the pads to prevent snowballing.
    For year round use, 1-2 times a weeks is sufficient. During extreme weather additional applications may be necessary.
    Frequency may depend on length of your walk and weather conditions.
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