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Sheep Bell #4

$23.99 CDN
Track your dog in the field without the expense of a GPS unit with this Handmade Sheep Bell. Swiss-style construction in steel, with a large opening to maximize the range of the sound. Perfect for flushers, spaniels, retrievers, versatile dogs and medium-ranging pointers. You simply follow the sound of the bell with your ears while the dog is running to have a general idea of his location, then when the bell stops you know where he is on point. The loop on the bell can slip through a 3/4 in. collar, or you can purchase a bell snap to attach the bell to any size collar. Available in numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8. The smaller the number, the smaller the bell and higher the pitch.
  • Disponibilité: En Stock
  • Modèle: #4
  • Fabricant: Lion Country Supply

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